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5 ways to improve Self-Love

We are all naturally a little too hard on ourselves. It is so easy to focus on your faults and everyone can dwell on their insecurities instead of the things about themselves that they are happy with. From time to time it’s good to stop and appreciate what you have,  the amazing person that you are. Some may feel like there is an element of vanity or narcissism in being too kind to yourself, but trust me, most of us can only ever hope to reach these levels of Self- Love. So how does a Boudoir Photography Shoot help in achieving Self-Love and what other things can we do in our daily lives to be a little kinder to ourselves?

Watch Your Self Talk

If you spoke to your friends, your sister or mother the way you speak to yourself, do you think they’d still be friends with you – probably not! We are our own worst enemy’s. Give your self a break every so often. Remind yourself of all the good that you bring to the world.


Take time to ‘Do You’ 

When you love someone, you take time for them, to nurture the relationship. This should be the same for yourself. You shouldn’t feel bad for taking time out to do the things that make you happy. Some people are so giving of their time to others that they actually find it difficult to recall what it is that really makes them happy. This can spiral into you being a passenger in your own life, living to serve others and facilitate their happiness, i know this feeling too well, I went through months on end with my weekends being taken up by all of the things I needed to go to or show face at … when really it wasn’t what I would have chose to do with my time if I had stopped to prioritise my own agenda. But when i stopped and really thought about the things that actually really make me happy (and that involved packing a rucksack and going travelling on my own for a while), But now i know when it’s right for me to have ‘me time’ versus when I want to be surrounded by friends and family. Take time to think about what really makes you happy, even if it’s a simple act, 10 minutes of headspace, going to get your nails done, a blow-dry  or  a park run on Saturday morning.  

Take a break on your own 

This may be completely out of your comfort zone, but that is a good thing! If you can travel on your own, this will be a great self-love experience. You will be learning new things not only about yourself but also another culture. When you travel on your own, there are no expectations, you don’t have to go see that museum unless its something that you really want to do, maybe you’d rather do something more adventurous and meet some new people while doing it? Maybe you would go see a country that your friends / family / partner have no interest in going to? I inter-railed across europe on my own after ending a really crap relationship and quitting my job at the time and yes I was very out of my comfort zone, i was conscious sitting in restaurants eating alone, but after 12 days of doing this i gained so much self-confidence. The following year I travelled to Kenya on my own and last year to Vietnam (where i met my current boyfriend). I know for sure if i was only going on girly holidays, when my friends were free to travel, I’d never have made it to Kenya or Vietnam and had these amazing experience that were invaluable to me. 

Surprise Yourself 

Take time out to do things that you wouldn’t normally do. Start saying yes to new experiences and adventures. This will help you with getting to know yourself. You may find out that you enjoy things you never tried before! It really is true that good things happen when you move outside your comfort zone. 

Do a Boudoir Photo Shoot 

A boudoir photo shoot may give you a glimpse at a side of yourself that even you haven’t seen. We tend to be our own worst critics, focusing on the negative aspects we’d like to change rather than celebrating what makes us uniquely beautiful. A boudoir photo shoot presents a ideal opportunity to treat yourself to some new lingerie! Another act of Self-Love! But the experience on the day of the shoot is so empowering, it’s 20 times better than the best new hair-style or blow-dry you’ve ever had! Trust me! If you think this is something that you would like to do for yourself but you are a little apprehensive, why not just drop me a message and let me know what is holding you back?

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