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Kassie’s Boudoir Experience


Kassie came to the Boudoir Barn in July for her shoot, a very prepared individual in that she had lots of lingerie options, shoes, accessories and her own make-up artist with her!!! We had so much fun on this shoot, the sun was shining so we even got the chance to go outside  … and there may have been a hose and some water involved!! I asked Kassie a few questions about her shoot and below are a few of her favourite images from the shoot (I asked her to pick 3, as you can see she can count well !!! :))

Here’s a little insight into Kassie’s Shoot …

Tell me about your lingerie shopping, where did you go, what were your favourite pieces on the day, were they what you expected? I have always loved nice underwear so I tend to pick bits up here and there and had some in mind for photoshoots as well as daily wear! Some of my favourite shots were from items Hilary provided on the day I never knew red was so striking on me but it was one of my favourite pieces that day as well as pink top and skirt I felt like a princess

Any advice you would give to other girls with their lingerie choices?  Wear something that your comfortable with but also bring a striking outfit that you wouldn’t think to wear but would love to it’s all about stepping out of your comfort zone and the images you get from Hilary will amaze you at how incredible you look and feel in them.

How did you feel leaving your boudoir session? You feel incredible after you leave it’s next level confidence that you didn’t know existed and it empowers you and you can’t stop smiling! You feel like driving home in your lingerie!!


Whawas your first thought when you looked at your photos? Is that me?!! It’s amazing when you see yourself through someone else’s eye you forget the lumps and bumps you think you have but see the beauty of the image and the beauty that shines through with the confidence that radiates from you during the shoot.




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