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Maternity Boudoir

A Maternity or Bump photoshoot is a beautiful way to capture a very special moment in your life. My mission is to make women feel amazing about themselves at whatever life stage they come to me, but pregnancy is an extra special moment to create timeless works of art. 

There are many times in our lives where we are a little hard on our bodies and easily criticise or lack appreciation, but once you start to grow another life inside you all bets are off, your mindset shifts and you become increasingly grateful for this gift of motherhood. Your body is a wonder, as each week goes by and your little mini muffin inside you grows to the size of another vegetable you may or may not have eaten before!! Appreciation and gratitude are at an all time high as you carefully nurture this little bundle of joy through their 40 week journey on the inside! 

The journey to motherhood differs for us all, there are bumps, knocks and set-backs that many endure on the road, but all of these obstacles make the gift of getting pregnant even more special when the time comes. For this reason, maternity boudoir sessions are one of my favourite types of shoots to do. There is so much love, joy and appreciation for the journey you have travelled. 



The best time to do a maternity boudoir photoshoot is between 30-36 weeks. This is when your bump is nice and round and hopefully before you have to jet off to the hospital! Because you have a limited window to take your photos, it would be wise to engage with your photographer in your second trimester. Many professional photographers can book out up to 3 months in advance and you will be limited by very specific dates that work for you in that 6 week window. The earlier you get your shoot booked the better. 



The bump shoot can be done in  your lingerie or partially clothed, whatever makes you feel most comfortable. I know that you can feel a little larger than life at this time, your lady friends may have grown in size (I feel like mine quadrupled!) and your pretty bras are no longer an option to wear. For this reason I will always advise maternity clients to keep it simple. A nude or white bra and panties (they don’t have to be from a matching set) and bonus if you have a black bra and panties too. After this, consider shorts and fitted t-shirt pj’s or a nice robe. Tank tops or off the shoulder jumper.  Another great option is a man’s shirt (maybe borrow one from your partner to have a little piece of them in your photos).  Your legging or jeans and a bralette or bandeau could work really well. End of the day it’s whatever feels like you! I have some maternity pieces including lace dresses / robes / floral headpieces in the studio that are all available to use during your shoot too. If you would like to do nude or implied nude images this is also an option. 



Absolutely! The day is all about you but of course bring your other half along to be in some of the shots. It’s a lovely time to have a few images of your both together so why not. Bringing your other half doesn’t impact the shoot fee or timings in anyway. 



I will pose every client through every image from your hair to your fingernails, you do not need to have modelling experience or know how to ‘work it’ in front of the camera before you come for a maternity photoshoot, I will coach and guide you every step of the way. 



I work with each individual to ensure that the poses and lighting flatter your body. I will do a simple skin re-touch to even out skin tones but I don’t photoshop anyone to alter their body shape or size. A boudoir experience is all about embracing and loving your body at this time. I will make sure that you love your images and see no reason to even consider requesting such alteration to be made to your photos. 



A Maternity Boudoir Experience costs 250euro. 

What’s included is; 

  • 1.5 hours of studio time, including your shoot and outfit change time  
  • A detailed ‘Guide to your Boudoir Experience’ pdf. This will talk you through the types of images we will create, tips before your shoot and what to bring with you. 
  • Lingerie Recommendations  – I have a general guide on this in the ‘guide to your shoot pdf’ but if you would like more specific recommendations for your body shape / size I am more than happy to help 
  • Non-Alcoholic Prosecco / Gin Refreshment on arrival 
  • Use of Boudoir Barn Studio Wardrobe during your shoot   – there is a range of robes, lace dresses, maternity bandeaus,  floral headpieces, body jewellery etc
  • 3-5 outfit changes on the day (that you bring) – you can also utilise what’s in the studio or do some implied nude shots with just a sheet or blanket wrapped around you. 
  • 3 Digital Images from the shoot, fully edited,  in both colour and black and white.



If you are interested in doing a maternity boudoir photoshoot, please feel free to get in touch today via our contact form. 


“I’m growing a human, what did you do today” 

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