About me

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.” ― Helen Keller,
Hello Beautiful People,
 I’m Hilary, a boudoir photographer in Kilkenny.
A little bit about me ….
My parents nicknamed me ‘Nudity’ as a child … I hated having to put clothes on 🙂
I was always amused by my friends who wouldn’t wear matching underwear sets on a daily basis (I realise now thats not practical, but I still have a thing for beautiful lingerie).
I have a mild addiction to chilli’s .. I find food that’s not spicy a bit boring to be honest!
I absolutely love cooking and if i could afford the luxury of spending 12 weeks training in Ballymaloe I would.
I travel a lot, exploring new cultures and foods .. always with my camera in hand … i’m an advocate of photo books to document my travels.
I met my man last year whilst travelling alone through Vietnam .. it pays to do things that move you outside of your comfort zone!
I try to keep fit, forcing myself to do triathlons but i’m just not a naturally sporty person!
I have worked with one of Irelands top wedding photographers and trained specifically in Boudoir in both ireland and the states.
I have braved the other side of the camera a number of times … so I know how it feels, the apprehension before doing it (am i mad!), the insecurities when you put on your first outfit (and your mortified of the wobbly bits or think why did I eat bread this week!!) and the Oh My God is that me in those images feelings!! Trust me the end result far outweighs the the initial nerves.
I’ve always wanted to do something with my career for myself …  and this is it!
I am putting my heart and soul into Boudoir Barn to make it the most successful boudoir photography business in Ireland.
I don’t do things by half … it’s all or nothing!
I really do appreciate you being here on Boudoir Barn and hopefully I will have the opportunity to take your picture some day soon.
And Yes, that’s me above, from a recent boudoir shoot with the fabulous Boudoir by Nomi in Brooklyn New York.
Thats enough about me for now, I would love to hear from you …
Whats’ holding you back? Live for the now, get in touch.
Remember a boudoir shoot is ALL about the experience on the day, the images and albums afterwords are just the icing on the cake!
Love, Hilary xxx