About me

Hi, I'm Hil,

Boudoir Photographer, Female Cheerleader and advocate of printed art.

I want to welcome women to treat themselves to an indulgent, expressive, self-love experience.

A moment away from busy life where you consistently put yourself at the bottom of the priority pile.

You deserve to feel like the best version of you and have that captured into beautiful art as a memento to treasure forever more.

I’ve photographed 100’s of women, just like you, all a little nervous to book their shoot and maybe even feeling, who am I to be having my photos taken in my underwear, but everyone of my clients have loved the experience and their wall art or printed albums bring a smile to their face every time they need a little reminder that they are a deserving bad ass.

Now, my friend, it’s your turn.

I will welcome you to the barn with open arms.

I can’t wait to meet you.

Hil x

When someone says

you can't do it,

do it twice

& take pictures

If my strengths intimidate you ...

... i hope you realise ...

that's a weakness...

... of yours